Residential cleaning

Every home deserves to have the best of fresh air, clean environment and attractive smell that breaths peace and happiness. The home is more than just a house. It is the sanctuary of humanity. It is where every family nurtures and shares love and joy. From everyday house chores to periodic home keeping, PK Cleaning offers your residence the cleaning touch that creates the feeling of homeliness typical of a loving family. Our range of residential cleaning packages suits all home types including those with unusually stubborn stains and hard floors.

Are you moving into a new home or just undertook a renovation of your house, are there any stained areas of your sitting room that would not go away by ordinary sweeping and mopping, do you need professional cleaning services to give your entire house environment a clean and fresh look? PK Cleaning is the answer.

We deliver high quality services consistent with the high standards of every home in Calgary.  From lawns to living rooms, kitchens, backyards, and restrooms we provide a thorough touch to all areas of your home living your house renewed, refreshed and ventilated. Some of our residential cleaning services include, dusting of door ledges and wall hangings, cobweb removal, floor, carpet and furniture vacuuming, cleaning and disinfection of toilet sinks, microwaves, counters and kitchen sinks, mopping with microfiber mob system, load dish washing etc.

Our teams of cleaners are highly trained, full-time professionals; totally reliable, fully insured cleaners who make use of the latest cleaning equipment and professional cleaning products to ensure a perfect, hygienic clean, each and every time! our services range from weekly, biweekly, monthly or even periodic cleaning as deemed necessary by our clients

We are more than just residential cleaners; we are homemakers. contact us for a quotation or for inquiries on our services using our telephone number +14 039 265 421 or by email to